Medi-Koi Koi Food


$ 16.95 

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Medi-Koi contains Romet 30, PLUS, two more of the most effective Antibiotics on the market today. The most popular pet shop medicated food only contains ONE Antibiotic, Medi-Koi contains FOUR. That's what make Medi-Koi so much more effective against tough Bacterial and Fungal Diseases. Now here's the best part! As we all know some stressed or sick koi fish and garden pond fish eat very little, and research has shown your sick koi and pond fish must eat at least 3% of its body weight of most medicated koi fish food everyday to be effective. The good news is, using Medi-Koi® all your sick koi fish has to eat is 1% of its body weight. That's just 1/3 of the medicated koi food your stressed or sick koi and pond fish has to eat if you treated it with other medicated koi fish food.