Advanced Bead Filter


$ 675.00 

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Designed with Backwashing Jets for Low Pressure Pump
Advanced Bead Filter combines the most advanced bead filter technology with the ease of operation of the universal six way valve. Thousands of plastic beads are being used to filter out wastes and suspending particles while providing vast of surfaces for nitrifying bacteria to thrive on.
A high pressure pump is not required to clean the filter due to its unique backwashing jets. CALL TO ORDER

Filter Head - $475
Air Blower - $275
Beads - $5 per pound


Pond Size Cubic Foot of Media Filter Dimensions Price
ABF1 500 - 1500 Gal .75 Cubic Ft

15" Diam.

34" High

ABF2 Up to 3000 Gal 1.5 Cubic Ft

17" Diam.

37" High

ABF3 Up to 4500 Gal 2.25 Cubic Ft

19" Diam.

37" High

ABF4 Up to 7000 Gal 3.5 Cubic Ft

24" Diam.

42" High

ABF5 Up to 10000 Gal 5 Cubic Ft

26" Diam.

44" High

$1975 w/ Air Blower
ABF6 Up to 15000 Gal 7 Cubic Ft 32" Diam. 51" High $2475 w/ Air Blower