About Tse Koi


Our Facility:


Our store is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. We are the largest Koi dealer in Northern California occupying a 28,000 square facility with over 30 stock ponds, holding over a few thousand Japanese Koi of all varieties ranging from 6 to 33 inches throughout the year. We stock a wide assortment of Koi foods, pond filtration systems, ultraviolet bulbs and units, and other products that help keep our customers' Koi healthy and their ponds beautiful.



Japanese Koi:


Our Koi have long been well-known to qualify for the Grand Champion in the 1998 U.S. Shinkokai Show. For 17 years, we worked closely with the Ito Koi Farm in Kuwana, Japan to deliver our customers the healthiest and highest quality Koi. We periodically stock new Koi from the Ito Koi Farm throughout the year, guaranteeing our customers can find the variety of Koi they are looking for.



Our Staff:


Our staff is equipped with the knowledge essential to addressing any problem or need our customer may have regarding Koi care and pond maintenance. We thoroughly understand what is needed to upkeep the highest quality in a Koi, the different types of Koi diseases, and the workings of filtration systems, many of which are constructed in our own facility. We are passionate about Koi keeping as a hobby, and want to make our customers' experience with Koi enjoyable and lasting.


A look at our store: