2015 Koi Show

Click to view pictures of the 2015 Koi Show

It has been yet another fun and successful Koi show for 2015! Every year those that attend the show enjoy free complimentary lunch and discounts on Koi, Koi food, UV lamps and water conditioners. They also enjoyed the chance to try their hand at selecting the best Koi and seeing who has the strongest Koi enthusiast within them.

We thank everyone for attending and supporting us in our 14th annual Koi show. We thank our customers for the patronage.  And special thanks to Mr. Hide Ito and Mr. Shiro Ito of the Ito Koi Farm for traveling the long distance to participate as head judges for the judging contest. And lastly, we want to thank Arthur, our very loyal customer and friend who goes a long way with us and has supported us for all these years. 


Entirely handmade by Arthur! We are grateful to Arthur for this quilt, which is a beautiful compilation of the years of koi shows we have held.